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Home News Why Invest In Construction Repairs For Your Multi-Family Property

Why Invest In Construction Repairs For Your Multi-Family Property

No matter what income range of tenants you rent to, the construction repairs for your Bay Area multi-family property are a worthy investment. Not only will your complex look marvelous to existing tenants and prospective tenants, you'll be preventing things like excessive dry rot or mold and water damage.

Everyone wants to be proud of the home they live in even if it's a town home or apartment in one of the older buildings here in the Bay Area. While people's expectations differ, there is a certain minimum standard they have for their homes, and they expect your property to meet those standards.

Rotting siding and trim, damaged concrete, broken tile floors, and drywall damage, just to name a few, are among the basic repairs your tenants expect you to make to your multi-family building. Tenants expect a certain minim standard and so should you as the property manager or owner.

With the right repair plan, your property will appeal to a wide range of existing tenants and those looking for a multi-family home. A good commercial contractor who specializes in multi-family construction repairs can help you to develop a repair plan for your multi-family building in the Bay Area.

Water damage repairs

The best way to prevent water damage to your multi-family building is to ensure the exterior painting and waterproofing are kept up. If it's already too late, don't delay getting the water damage repairs done or it will turn into a very expensive repair. Extensive mold and mildew repairs can very easily triple the cost and the water damage weakens the structure of the building.

Siding repairs

Other than water damage repairs to the siding, your tenants will want you to take care of the trim repairs, hail damage, or damage from age. The siding is one of the first things your prospective tenants will look at when they come to look at your apartments or town homes. Multi-family buildings in the Bay Area generally have brick or stucco siding, so make sure the waterproofing is done to avoid water damage.

Balcony and railing repairs

Balcony repairs and railing repairs should always be a priority for a multi-family property manager or owner in the Bay Area. The last thing you want is a damaged balcony which is so far gone it puts your tenants in danger every time they exit or enter their home. At a minimum, make sure the concrete balcony floor is in good shape with no cracks and that the railings are tightly secured to the building.

Deck repairs

Likewise, if your apartment or condo units in the Bay Area have a nice wooden deck in the back or front, the deck repairs should be a priority for safety. Waterproofing the deck regularly and repairing any wood damage will ensure your tenants stay safe, and it will help to preserve the investment the owner originally made in the deck.

Drywall & texture repairs

Too many multi-family buildings have interior drywall and texture damage. While you may be able to get away with deferring the painting work, trust us, the drywall repair and texture repairs are very important to your tenant.

At minimum, the drywall and texture shouldn't look deformed in any way. This is where it's best to hire an experienced commercial contractor to take care of the drywall repairs!

Wood trim repairs

Damaged wooden trim may seem like an insignificant thing to you but it matters to your tenants if there's too much damage going on. Plus, the trim plays a part in helping to protect the walls from water damage.

Even the cracks between two pieces of trim which weren't installed right is annoying to a good number of people. At the least, make sure the wood trim repairs are done on the interior and exterior of your multi-family building if the wood is deteriorating or broken.

Painting & waterproofing

Painting the exterior trim and interior of your apartments or condos will keep your tenants happy, protect the building from water damage, and make your multi-family property look attractive to those looking for a new place to rent. Plus, there's a certain point where you just can't put off the painting any longer because your building is exposed to water damage.

If you're looking for a multi-family construction contractor in the Bay Area, please call Universe Painting & Construction at 866-666-6761 or complete our online request form.