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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Contractors

A commercial building is used for commercial purposes including for use as office buildings, warehouses or retail stores. Contrary to popular belief, an apartment complex or town home property is not a commercial building but is a residential multi-family building. However, some residential properties with more than a specific number of units will qualify as a commercial property in some states for getting loans and for tax purposes.

What Causes Dry Rot On My Commercial Building?

Believe it or not, dry rot is caused by a specific fungus which deteriorates the wood in commercial buildings. Dry rot looks like a light brown colored wood decay and significantly weakens the strength and stability of a commercial building. If you suspect a problem, call us for dry rot repairs. We can identify the problem and assist you with the right solution.

Can I Turn A Single-Family Home Into A Multifamily One?

With this type of multi-family property, there's a separate bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living area from the main part of the home. So, yes you can turn a single-family home into a multi-family as long as your property does not have zoning restrictions which don't allow it. One such construction option for people with relatives who need separate living quarters is to build an in-law suite as a separate structure on the property or attached to the home.

Do You Provide Fire Debris Removal And Reconstruction Services For Commercial Buildings?

Yes, we provide a full range of high-quality commercial construction repair and reconstruction services in the Bay Area. This can include debris removal and reconstruction after fire or other natural disasters.

Are You A Lead Certified Painter?

Yes, our commercial contractors are EPA Lead Certified for renovation, repair, and painting in the Bay Area:

California Contractor License - 997918
LEAD Certified - NAT-41881-1

If you're looking for a commercial contractor for your Bay Area business, please call us at 866-666-6761 or complete our online request form.