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Tips On HOA Painting & Choosing Your Contractor In The Bay Area

Whether you're an HOA board member in the Bay Area or a property manager of town homes, your goal is to complete a successful HOA painting project with the right contractor.

The planning you do now makes a big difference in the outcome of the project. You want the work to be finished on time, within the budget, and according to the HOA painting requirements. To help you plan the project, Universe Painting & Construction wants to give you a few tips on how to make sure the project is completed successfully.

With any successful HOA painting project in the Bay Area, there are a few key things to plan starting with which contractor to hire to get the work done.

Finding An Experienced HOA Painting Contractor

Getting bids for HOA painting can be a lengthy process but it's worth being patient and thorough when looking for a contractor because the outcome depends on who you hire.

Be aware that it can take a couple of weeks on average to provide you with a project proposal. Here are several key concerns you'll have when hiring a painting contractor:

  • Do they offer fixed estimates or surprises later?
  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Do that provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee?
  • Do they apply two coats or one?
  • How long will the project take?
  • What size crew do they have and is it sufficient for your project?
  • How much experience do they have painting HOAs?
  • Do they manage the project or do you have to?
  • What kind of regular communication can you expect from the contractor?
  • Are they easy to reach, do they answer their phone and return calls?
  • What brands of paint do they use?
  • How far does their experience reach in painting specialty coatings such as for stucco or concrete?

Key Items You Should See In The Specification & Bid Package

When you get bids for HOA painting, the information should be thorough and detailed. This starts by creating a specification and bid package to give each contractor.

You should have already identified any problem concerns which need to be address such as repairing dry rot, siding repairs, or removing peeling paint. Those scope of work details need to be listed with the painting work on the specification and the bid.

Paint specifications can be created by any experienced individual who understands HOA painting and repair work including yourself. Look for these key items if the painting contractor is the one who creates the paint specification:

  • All problem areas addressed (cracking, peeling, dry rot, trim repair, replacement, etc.)
  • Any exclusions to the painting project - substrates which shouldn't be painted
  • Any specific bidding instructions required by the HOA
  • Surface preparation work such as caulking, repair, and spot-priming instructions
  • Contractor licensing, insurance, and reference requirements
  • Product requirements and application guidelines
  • Warranty requirements

Hiring Your HOA Painting Contractor

Once you've received all the proposals and information you intend to get, it's time to hire your HOA painting contractor. One tips we want to make sure you understand is that the contractor with the lowest bid is not always the best choice. A good proposal that falls between low and high is often the smart decision. Just make sure their proposal accurately details the specifications in terms of proper application and surface preparation.

If you're looking for an experienced HOA painting contractor in the Bay Area, call Universe Painting & Construction where you'll always get top-quality work and competitive estimates!

If you're looking for a commercial painting contractor in the Bay Area, please call Universe Painting & Construction at 866-666-6761 or complete our online request form.